Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite: The Power of Three

People born in the last month of the year are ruled by Jupiter – the planet of knowledge. Consequently, they love to share their wisdom, are extremely helpful, honest, energetic, determined, organized and born managers.

And helping them along are their triumvirate of birthstones namely, Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite – three of the most significant and spectacular birthstones.  

About the Gemstones:

Turquoise: This blue-green gemstone was known as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures and was often used in talismans and amulets in ancient times. The stone is also associated with qualities like strength, sensitivity, connection to the spiritual realm and protection against evil, and is said to be a symbol of friendship, peace and good fortune.

Zircon: It’s considered to be the symbol of purity, chastity, integrity and dignity with the power to protect against all kinds of evil, illness and negative energy. The stone is also believed to possess healing properties and is used to improve digestion, ensure restful sleep and tranquility.

Tanzanite: Though a relatively new discovery, Tanzanite has enjoyed its time in the limelight courtesy the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Titanic, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, featured a prominent heart shaped tanzanite pendant necklace surrounded by diamonds and christened – The Heart Of The Ocean.

Mystical Powers:

Some civilisations believed Tanzanite gave its wearer a special pathway to the spiritual realm, others said that it activates the heart chakras and offers visions to the future. Others believe this gemstone can compel the wearer to speak the truth to save his honour and integrity.

Tanzanite is associated with creativity and is also used to repel lethargy, depression and anger allowing its wearer to attain excellence and pursue his passions. The stone is also believed to strengthen the immune system, heart, pancreas, chest, throat and spleen and stimulate fertility.

Native Americans have long since revered the turquoise as a sacred gemstone. It was often placed in the tombs of their leaders to ensure a smooth passage to the heavens and to guard the dead.

It is also believed to cure acidity, alleviate gout, stomach ailments, rheumatism and viral infections. Said to contain anti-inflammatory properties, turquoise was also used to relax cramps and bring peace and happiness to the wearer.

Jewish legends believe Zircon was the name of the angel sent to earth to guard Adam and Eve. The stone has since been associated with qualities like loyalty, honour, purity and chastity.

Zircon is also said to be useful to reduce the pain of childbirth, improve appetite, bestow strength and confidence on the wearer, enhance mental faculties and encourage the wearer to follow his dreams. The stone is also said to improve creativity and foster feelings of love, loyalty and commitment.

Famous Personalities born in DECEMBER:

Actor Salman Khan. Dec 27. 1965.

Actor. Rajnikanth. Dec 12. 1950.

Actor. John Abraham. Dec 17. 1972.

King George VI of England. Dec 14. 1895.

Scientist Srinivasa Ramanujan. Dec 22. 1887.

Actor Anil Kapoor. Dec 24. 1959.

Politician Sonia Gandhi. Dec 09. 1946,

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CITRINE & TOPAZ: For Healing and Prosperity

People born in the cool climes of November are blessed with two ruling Birthstones, the spectacular Topaz and the gentle, golden-hued Citrine. November-born can be defined as wonderfully creative, attractive and highly emotional people.

They like to play fair, have little tolerance for nonsense, are extremely loyal and work is a top priority for them. However while their actions may be clean and honest they are also notoriously private and are very prone to be misunderstood.

About the Gemstones:

Known for its ability to exhibit a spectacular array of colours, Topaz with its golden glow and shine is said to represent Ra, the Egyptian Sun God. Highly revered by the ancient Egyptians, this gemstone was used in the making of amulets and talismans worn usually by noblemen and kin of royalty.

It was also believed to control heat, and was said to possess the power to cool boiling water – thought to be as metaphor for its ability to calm the rage in its wearer and giving him clarity of thought in difficult situations.

The ancient Romans are also believed to associate Topaz with the power of the Sun God and Jupiter, the largest planet in our solar system.

Contrary to the fire and passion associated with the Topaz, the Citrine is a lot more gentle in its quality and disposition. As a Healing Quartz, it is said to signify peace, prosperity, healing, creativity and loyalty in man.

Mystical Powers:

While the topaz is said to signify strength, tenacity, dedication and resilience, it is also said to have the power to balance emotions and thoughts. The topaz is also believed to cure blood disorders, insomnia, gout, tuberculosis and control anger bouts arising out of insanity.

Often used to enhance spirituality, topaz is also prized for its ability to promote wisdom and bestow clear thought upon its wearer. For these very reasons, it was often used in the making of crowns and jewellery worn by rulers, kings and members of royalty.

The golden-hued Citrine is a healing stone by definition with the power to focus mental clarity, cure ailments related to the heart, kidney and liver and stimulate the memory.

Often found in colours ranging from light yellow to deep orange these gemstones are believed to bless their wearer with hope, strength, energy, vitality, success and good fortune.

Famous Personalities born in NOVEMBER:

  • Actor Shahrukh Khan. Nov 02. 1965.
  • Actor Aishwarya Rai. Nov 01. 1973.
  • Former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. Nov 19. 1917.
  • Former Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. Nov 14. 1889.
  • Actor Kamal Haasan. Nov 07. 1954.
  • Actor Anushka Shetty. Nov 07. 1981.
  • Cricketer Virat Kohli. Nov 05. 1988.
  • Actor & Model Yami Gautam. Nov 24. 1983.

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Sustenance and Growth of Consumer Demand Starts with Understanding the Consumer.


Today’s women powerful insights brought forth by the Report:
Today’s Women Powerful transformations observed in the Diamond and Jewellery industry.

Key Trends that Have Driven Women’s Social Economic Empowerment and Possibilities in the Diamond Sector.

In order to sustain and grow consumer demand, one must first understand the consumer, and, the consumer, in this case, has arguably never gone through the kind of transformation she has recently. The De Beers Diamond Insight Report 2017 sums up beautifully for the diamonds and jewellery industry, the key transformations observed in women, of recent.

Some powerful insights about today’s women brought forth by the Report:

Significant relationships are now much more about the growth of the two equal individuals, as much as they are about the growth of the partnership itself.

  • As marriage generally comes later in life, and as it is seen as a union between two equal individuals, women are receiving diamonds for multiple occasions both before and after marriage.
  • There has been a higher degree of self-purchase than before because of increasing spending power at the hands of women, who are very successful and independent today.
  • Even when women are not buying for themselves, their influence on purchase decisions remains.
  • Women now perceive themselves with a sense of strength and empowerment.
  • Besides love and commitment, which remain universal and powerful emotions symbolised by diamonds, emotions such as joy, optimism, pride and confidence are important today.
  • While traditional diamond selling occasions – such as engagements and anniversaries – remain very important, successful diamond marketing will increasingly need to reflect a range of significant moments in one’s life. This may include a new job, memories of a happy holiday or ‘just because’, and should be connected to the experiential element of lives and relationships.
  • Most commonly, self-purchase results from a spontaneous decision rather than being motivated by a specific occasion.
  • Gifting within the family – particularly by older to younger members – is an important part of the global diamond jewellery sector.
  • Success is increasingly defined by the acquisition of knowledge and ideas – not material goods.
  • 76% of women say that brands do not currently represent them.

Reasons people decided not to buy can be converted into opportunity:

Some insights here are: Not being gifted; Failing to find appealing designs; Not experiencing an appropriate event to acquire; No opportunities to wear diamonds

Some Takeaways for Retailers, Advertisers and Marketers, based on the De Beers Diamond Insight Report 2017:

  • The female self-purchase category presents a great opportunity. Products should be positioned well. Self-purchasers are mainly married women, most over the age of 35, with medium to high level of income. Since impulse buying is high in the category, design is an important element to capture this category. The retail store experience is also important.
  • Advertisers / Retailers should create a connect with a larger number of “life moments”. Increasingly, both gifts and self-purchase are driven by life moments. These could be: Overcome difficult time at work, New job; Memory of trip; Valentine’s day; Thank you; Coming of age; First job; I can afford it now; Big birthday; Anniversary; Birth of child; Graduation; Promotion; Early commitment; Pregnancy; Inheritance purchase, etc.
  • Encourage women to have greater confidence to celebrate all the key occasions in their lives – not just those connected to their relationship. Help women embrace the possibilities, not the responsibilities, of being a woman.
  • Use strong role women models in advertising.
  • Provide younger consumers with more of an interactive buying experience, as well as a narrative they can share with friends. This will bring further opportunities.
  • Most of all, to connect with women of today, one must connect with their new identity symbols: Uniqueness:  Being different, creative and original; More self-directed; Perceiving themselves as having more substance.

The efforts of the DPA and other bodies towards generic marketing have been commendable, and spot-on in appealing to Millennials. All retailers and other segments of the value chain need to do is take lead from this. Create contemporary designs, use technological advancements to advance manufacturing capabilities, strike conversations with consumers in places they are hanging out, and most of all – Appeal to the new sensibilities of the socially evolved and powerful woman of today.

As corroborated by the De Beers Diamond Insight Report 2017, 2016 has not been a bad year at all. Consumer demand for diamond jewellery saw marginal growth, driven by strong performance in the US, where demand exceeded US$40 billion for the first time. The fact that rough diamond demand also increased in 2016, shows that the mining sector did, in fact, jump in to take enough action after the events of 2015, where manufacturers could not afford the rough prices and all but stopped buying and stocking. Let’s never forget that every part of the pipeline must realise that it cannot survive without all other parts thriving. Beyond the all-important exercise to appeal to the customer, let’s not also forget to look to establish more sustainable models for the mid-pipe.



Sustenance and Growth of Consumer Demand Starts with Understanding the Consumer.



Opal & Tourmaline: Dual Symbols Of Hope And Peace

People born in the month of October come under the purview of the zodiac sign of Libra. Librans can be characterized by their balanced approach, brilliant skills of diplomacy, superior intellect and very logical mind. They are therefore very gifted when it comes to analyzing tough situations and coming up with apt solutions.

Opal and Tourmaline are the birthstones for people born in this month. Both these dual coloured gemstones are known for their vivid display of colours and beauty and are highly prized across the world for their spectacular radiance, unique colour combinations and crystal structures.

About the Gemstones:

The ancient Roman civilisation was known to prize opals greatly as a symbol of hope and wish fulfillment, and it was christened as the ‘Anchor of Hope’, by the people of the Orient. Legends tell the tale of Queen Cleopatra’s ploy to wear a magnificent set of opals to attract the attention of Mark Anthony, the ruler of Rome.

Queen Victoria, a great believer in the power of gemstones was also said to wear them in her crown, to protect herself and her regime from enemies and all kinds of evil. Interestingly, the Russians believed Opals to be evil and never allowed them to be used in jewellery of any kind.

Unlike Opals, Tourmalines are a fairly recent discovery and per se don’t have any such legends attached to them. However this gemstone has quite a reputation as a – Stone of Peace – and is supposed to repel all kinds of negative emotions like jealousy, anger, fear and aggression, thereby ensuring that the wearer remains calm and balanced in all situations.

Mystical Powers:

According to some legends, Opal fell to the Earth, when lightning struck it and they had the power to make the wearer invisible to others. Not surprisingly, Opals began to be highly sought-after by pirates, spies and thieves.

On the positive side, its unique ability to change colour was believed to indicate the health and mental state of the wearer. Many believed the opal brought immense good fortune to the wearer as the stone possessed the virtues of each gemstone whose color was captured by the Opal’s spectrum of colors. As a result, the stone was considered lucky and is also associated with purity, innocence, hope and faith.

Opal is also said to posses healing properties and is believed to hold the remedy for enhancing one’s creativity, calming nerves and strengthening memory. The tourmaline on the other hand is believed to have more psychological effects than physical.

The gemstone is said to help the wearer retain calm under the most stressful situations, enhance creativity and control negative emotions.

Famous Personalities Born in OCTOBER:

  • Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi. Oct 02. 1869.
  • Actor & Bollywood legend:  Amitabh Bachchan. Oct 11. 1942.
  • Actor Parineeti Chopra. Oct 22. 1988.
  • Actor Asin Thottumkal. Oct 26. 1985.
  • Former President of India Abdul Kalam. Oct 15. 1931.
  • Actor Sunny Deol. Oct 19. 1956.
  • Actor Rekha Ganesan. Oct 10. 1954.
  • Actor Freida Pinto. Oct 18. 1984.

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SAPPHIRE – A Gemstone of Lore And Legend

People born in September are ruled by the zodiac sign of Virgo. Hard working, loyal, diligent, honest and extremely capable are all terms that can be used to describe people born in this month. However they can also be moody, depressed, irritable and reserved when things don’t go their way.

Sapphire, that coveted, beautiful, blue-hued gemstone is the birthstone for people born in the month of September. Associated with the star sign of Virgo, this gemstone has been used for adornment since ancient times and is said to symbolize wisdom, power and faith.

About the Gemstone:

Sapphire is the hardest stone after diamond and often used in many industries as an abrasive. The famous gemstone ‘Lone Star’ is one of the largest blue sapphires in the world, originating in a mine in North Carolina and weighing a fantastic 9719.5 carats.

In ancient Greece, the Sapphire was associated with Apollo, the God of Clairvoyance and Prophecy and the son of Zeus – the King of the Gods and often worn by those who sought his blessings and help when visiting his oracle at Delphi.

In olden times, it was common for warriors to gift their wives a necklace made of sapphires to ensure their fidelity while they were away at war. It was believed that the color of this gem would darken if worn by an unfaithful or unworthy person.

Healing Powers:

Sapphires are said to possess the ability to protect the wearer from envy and harm and attract divine blessings. Said to indicate the purity of the soul, a sapphire also signifies truth, faithfulness and sincerity.

It was often worn by priests during the Middle Ages as a talisman against impure thoughts and temptation. Sapphire is thought to boost intuition and clairvoyance and promote good health.

Often used to adorn royalty, sapphires were believed to ensure a pure and wise reign. Some people believe that wearing a sapphire helps to develop a positive attitude and improves inner peace of the wearer.

The healing properties of this gemstone are believed to include the power to reduce inflammations, stop nose bleeds, rheumatism, and cure ulcers. Sapphires are also known to increase the mental clarity and focus of the wearer and reduce the adverse effects of any nervous disorder.

This gem is also said to balance the circulatory and endocrine systems and was often used as a talisman to guard against impure thoughts and negative energies.

Famous Personalities Born in September:

  • Actor Kareena Kapoor. Sep 21. 1980.
  • Actor Akshay Kumar. Sep 09. 1967.
  • Actor Ranbir Kapoor. Sep 28. 1982.
  • Former PM Manmohan Singh. Sep 26. 1932.
  • Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh. Sep 28. 1907.
  • Singer Lata Mangeshkar. Sep 28. 1929.
  • Actor Prachi Desai. Sep 12. 1988.

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Peridot – For Prosperity And Peace Of Mind

It’s found in colours ranging from lime to green, is popular for its mellow, soft shades and is also known by its nickname – The Evening Emerald. Yes, we are referring to this lovely gemstone which also goes by the name ‘Peridot’ and is also the birthstone for people born in the month of August.

This stone is the perfect foil for the self-assured, smooth talking, confident and sometimes overbearing way of the zodiac sign of Leo that people born in this month fall under.

It’s a gemstone that is associated with prosperity, growth, dignity and love. Often gifted to couples celebrating their 16th anniversary, Peridot is also believed to bestow peace and progress to the wearer while simultaneously enhancing loyalty, commitment and harmony.

About The Gemstone:

Peridot is a variety of olivine. It is a yellowish-green, lustrous stone, also called Chrysolite. The stone is of igneous origin, often found in areas of intense of volcanic activity in shades of pale green, olive green and lime.

In times gone by, Egypt had one of the biggest resources of Peridot which was revered there as the – Gem of the Sun God. Contrary to popular perception, the famed Queen Cleopatra was not fond of emeralds but the subtle hues of Peridot – a gem that was said to be very dear to her.

Elsewhere like in Hawaii, Peridot is believed to be the tears of their ancient goddess Pele – owing to its slightly yellowish look. References to this ancient gemstone have also been found in books like the Bible, wherein it’s mentioned as Pitdah – its Hebrew name.

Healing Powers:

The ancients Egyptian priests believed that the Peridot contained the forces of nature and used cups encrusted with this gemstone to achieve communion with their Nature Gods. Pirates also revered this stone as a talisman to ward off evil on the high seas.

Peridot is also believed to heal ailments associated with the lungs, spleen, intestines, lymph and breasts. Amulets with Peridot stones were used in ancient times as a remedy to cure Asthma, Sinus, Thyroid, Eye and Liver infections.

These gemstones are also believed to alleviate depression, anger, stress, jealousy and other negative emotions, while enhancing the confidence and self-esteem of the wearer. The stone is also known to be rejuvenating and invigorating, promoting clarity of thought for the wearer.

Famous Personalities born in August:

  • Barack Obama. (44th U.S. President) 04 August 1961.
  • Singer Michael Jackson. 29 August 1958.
  • Model Kylie Jenner. 25 June 2009.
  • Model & Actor Cara Delevingue. 10 August 1997.
  • Actor Jennifer Lawrence. 15 August 1990.
  • Actor Anna Kendrick. 09 August 1985.
  • Actor Saif Ali Khan. Aug 16. 1970.
  • Saint Mother Teresa. Aug 27. 1910.
  • Actor Kajol. Aug 05. 1974.
  • Actor Sridevi Kapoor. Aug 13. 1963.
  • Actor Dalip Singh. Aug 27. 1972.

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De Beers Group today announced it is leading a ground-breaking research project that aims to deliver carbon-neutral mining at some of the company’s operations in as few as five years.

The company’s scientists are working in close collaboration with a team of internationally-renowned scientists to investigate the potential to store large volumes of carbon at its diamond mines through the mineralisation of kimberlite ‘tailings’, the material that remains after diamonds have been removed from the ore.

De Beers Group will investigate the storage potential across its diamond mines globally. It is the first time such extensive research has been undertaken to assess the carbonation potential of kimberlite, a rare type of rock that has been found to offer ideal properties for storing carbon through mineral carbonation technologies.

The project aims to accelerate what is already a naturally occurring and safe process of extracting carbon from the atmosphere and storing it at a speed that could offset man-made carbon emissions. Scientists estimate that the carbon storage potential of kimberlite tailings produced by a diamond mine every year could offset up to 10 times the emissions of a typical mine.

De Beers Group’s Project Lead for the initiative, Dr Evelyn Mervine, said: “This project offers huge potential to completely offset the carbon emissions of De Beers’ diamond mining operations.

“Mineral carbonation technologies are not new, but what is new is the application of these technologies to kimberlite ore, which is found in abundance in the tailings at diamond sites, and which offers ideal properties for the storage of very large volumes of carbon.

“As part of the project, we are looking at how these existing technologies can be modified to develop specific solutions suitable for storing carbon in kimberlite tailings.

“The research is in its early stages and it may take some time before it is economically or practically achievable to tap into this full storage potential. However, even just tapping into a small amount could greatly reduce the net emissions at many of our mine sites in the near future, and possibly lead to carbon-neutral mining at some sites within the next five to ten years.

“As technology improves over time, more and more carbon could feasibly be stored in kimberlite tailings, meaning we could ultimately offset more emissions than we are producing.”

Mineral carbonation is a natural or artificial process whereby rocks at the Earth’s surface react with carbon dioxide sourced from the atmosphere and lock it away in safe, non-toxic, solid carbonate materials – taking that form in kimberlite rock in this instance.

The work being undertaken by the project team could have significant applications for the broader mining industry, as the ideal carbon storage characteristics of kimberlite rock are also found in rocks mined for other commodities, such as nickel and platinum.

De Beers Group CEO, Bruce Cleaver, said: “By replicating this technology at other mining operations around the world, this project could play a major role in changing the way not only the diamond industry, but also the broader mining industry, addresses the challenge of reducing its carbon footprint.

“By investing in ground-breaking projects such as this, aligned with the FutureSmart Mining™ innovation programme of our parent company, Anglo American, we have the real potential to leave a positive, long-lasting legacy for the global mining industry.”

De Beers started the project in 2016. A key part of its early work was centred on supporting academic-focused mineral carbonation studies of old (pre-1912) and recent (post-2008) kimberlite tailings samples from Voorspoed Mine in South Africa, which provide a great ‘natural laboratory’ for understanding carbonation reactions in kimberlite.

Mineral carbonation potential assessment studies are currently underway for Venetia Mine in South Africa and Gahcho Kué Mine in Canada. Further research and detailed studies will continue in 2017 and 2018 to assess the carbonation potential at these and other De Beers Group mines.