Turquoise, Zircon & Tanzanite: The Power of Three

People born in the last month of the year are ruled by Jupiter – the planet of knowledge. Consequently, they love to share their wisdom, are extremely helpful, honest, energetic, determined, organized and born managers.

And helping them along are their triumvirate of birthstones namely, Turquoise, Zircon and Tanzanite – three of the most significant and spectacular birthstones.  

About the Gemstones:

Turquoise: This blue-green gemstone was known as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in many cultures and was often used in talismans and amulets in ancient times. The stone is also associated with qualities like strength, sensitivity, connection to the spiritual realm and protection against evil, and is said to be a symbol of friendship, peace and good fortune.

Zircon: It’s considered to be the symbol of purity, chastity, integrity and dignity with the power to protect against all kinds of evil, illness and negative energy. The stone is also believed to possess healing properties and is used to improve digestion, ensure restful sleep and tranquility.

Tanzanite: Though a relatively new discovery, Tanzanite has enjoyed its time in the limelight courtesy the 1997 Hollywood blockbuster movie, The Titanic, starring Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslet, featured a prominent heart shaped tanzanite pendant necklace surrounded by diamonds and christened – The Heart Of The Ocean.

Mystical Powers:

Some civilisations believed Tanzanite gave its wearer a special pathway to the spiritual realm, others said that it activates the heart chakras and offers visions to the future. Others believe this gemstone can compel the wearer to speak the truth to save his honour and integrity.

Tanzanite is associated with creativity and is also used to repel lethargy, depression and anger allowing its wearer to attain excellence and pursue his passions. The stone is also believed to strengthen the immune system, heart, pancreas, chest, throat and spleen and stimulate fertility.

Native Americans have long since revered the turquoise as a sacred gemstone. It was often placed in the tombs of their leaders to ensure a smooth passage to the heavens and to guard the dead.

It is also believed to cure acidity, alleviate gout, stomach ailments, rheumatism and viral infections. Said to contain anti-inflammatory properties, turquoise was also used to relax cramps and bring peace and happiness to the wearer.

Jewish legends believe Zircon was the name of the angel sent to earth to guard Adam and Eve. The stone has since been associated with qualities like loyalty, honour, purity and chastity.

Zircon is also said to be useful to reduce the pain of childbirth, improve appetite, bestow strength and confidence on the wearer, enhance mental faculties and encourage the wearer to follow his dreams. The stone is also said to improve creativity and foster feelings of love, loyalty and commitment.

Famous Personalities born in DECEMBER:

Actor Salman Khan. Dec 27. 1965.

Actor. Rajnikanth. Dec 12. 1950.

Actor. John Abraham. Dec 17. 1972.

King George VI of England. Dec 14. 1895.

Scientist Srinivasa Ramanujan. Dec 22. 1887.

Actor Anil Kapoor. Dec 24. 1959.

Politician Sonia Gandhi. Dec 09. 1946,

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SAPPHIRE – A Gemstone of Lore And Legend

People born in September are ruled by the zodiac sign of Virgo. Hard working, loyal, diligent, honest and extremely capable are all terms that can be used to describe people born in this month. However they can also be moody, depressed, irritable and reserved when things don’t go their way.

Sapphire, that coveted, beautiful, blue-hued gemstone is the birthstone for people born in the month of September. Associated with the star sign of Virgo, this gemstone has been used for adornment since ancient times and is said to symbolize wisdom, power and faith.

About the Gemstone:

Sapphire is the hardest stone after diamond and often used in many industries as an abrasive. The famous gemstone ‘Lone Star’ is one of the largest blue sapphires in the world, originating in a mine in North Carolina and weighing a fantastic 9719.5 carats.

In ancient Greece, the Sapphire was associated with Apollo, the God of Clairvoyance and Prophecy and the son of Zeus – the King of the Gods and often worn by those who sought his blessings and help when visiting his oracle at Delphi.

In olden times, it was common for warriors to gift their wives a necklace made of sapphires to ensure their fidelity while they were away at war. It was believed that the color of this gem would darken if worn by an unfaithful or unworthy person.

Healing Powers:

Sapphires are said to possess the ability to protect the wearer from envy and harm and attract divine blessings. Said to indicate the purity of the soul, a sapphire also signifies truth, faithfulness and sincerity.

It was often worn by priests during the Middle Ages as a talisman against impure thoughts and temptation. Sapphire is thought to boost intuition and clairvoyance and promote good health.

Often used to adorn royalty, sapphires were believed to ensure a pure and wise reign. Some people believe that wearing a sapphire helps to develop a positive attitude and improves inner peace of the wearer.

The healing properties of this gemstone are believed to include the power to reduce inflammations, stop nose bleeds, rheumatism, and cure ulcers. Sapphires are also known to increase the mental clarity and focus of the wearer and reduce the adverse effects of any nervous disorder.

This gem is also said to balance the circulatory and endocrine systems and was often used as a talisman to guard against impure thoughts and negative energies.

Famous Personalities Born in September:

  • Actor Kareena Kapoor. Sep 21. 1980.
  • Actor Akshay Kumar. Sep 09. 1967.
  • Actor Ranbir Kapoor. Sep 28. 1982.
  • Former PM Manmohan Singh. Sep 26. 1932.
  • Freedom Fighter Bhagat Singh. Sep 28. 1907.
  • Singer Lata Mangeshkar. Sep 28. 1929.
  • Actor Prachi Desai. Sep 12. 1988.

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Peridot – For Prosperity And Peace Of Mind

It’s found in colours ranging from lime to green, is popular for its mellow, soft shades and is also known by its nickname – The Evening Emerald. Yes, we are referring to this lovely gemstone which also goes by the name ‘Peridot’ and is also the birthstone for people born in the month of August.

This stone is the perfect foil for the self-assured, smooth talking, confident and sometimes overbearing way of the zodiac sign of Leo that people born in this month fall under.

It’s a gemstone that is associated with prosperity, growth, dignity and love. Often gifted to couples celebrating their 16th anniversary, Peridot is also believed to bestow peace and progress to the wearer while simultaneously enhancing loyalty, commitment and harmony.

About The Gemstone:

Peridot is a variety of olivine. It is a yellowish-green, lustrous stone, also called Chrysolite. The stone is of igneous origin, often found in areas of intense of volcanic activity in shades of pale green, olive green and lime.

In times gone by, Egypt had one of the biggest resources of Peridot which was revered there as the – Gem of the Sun God. Contrary to popular perception, the famed Queen Cleopatra was not fond of emeralds but the subtle hues of Peridot – a gem that was said to be very dear to her.

Elsewhere like in Hawaii, Peridot is believed to be the tears of their ancient goddess Pele – owing to its slightly yellowish look. References to this ancient gemstone have also been found in books like the Bible, wherein it’s mentioned as Pitdah – its Hebrew name.

Healing Powers:

The ancients Egyptian priests believed that the Peridot contained the forces of nature and used cups encrusted with this gemstone to achieve communion with their Nature Gods. Pirates also revered this stone as a talisman to ward off evil on the high seas.

Peridot is also believed to heal ailments associated with the lungs, spleen, intestines, lymph and breasts. Amulets with Peridot stones were used in ancient times as a remedy to cure Asthma, Sinus, Thyroid, Eye and Liver infections.

These gemstones are also believed to alleviate depression, anger, stress, jealousy and other negative emotions, while enhancing the confidence and self-esteem of the wearer. The stone is also known to be rejuvenating and invigorating, promoting clarity of thought for the wearer.

Famous Personalities born in August:

  • Barack Obama. (44th U.S. President) 04 August 1961.
  • Singer Michael Jackson. 29 August 1958.
  • Model Kylie Jenner. 25 June 2009.
  • Model & Actor Cara Delevingue. 10 August 1997.
  • Actor Jennifer Lawrence. 15 August 1990.
  • Actor Anna Kendrick. 09 August 1985.
  • Actor Saif Ali Khan. Aug 16. 1970.
  • Saint Mother Teresa. Aug 27. 1910.
  • Actor Kajol. Aug 05. 1974.
  • Actor Sridevi Kapoor. Aug 13. 1963.
  • Actor Dalip Singh. Aug 27. 1972.

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Diamond – A Symbol of Purity & Strength

People born in April, fall in the zodiac sign of Taurus and can be described as brave, outgoing and firm. Their activeness induces an aura of freshness wherever they go. Friendships mean a lot to them and they are keen to solve other people’s problems.

They are affectionate and encouraging. However, they can be vengeful when people or circumstances turn against them. These individuals are born leaders and are usually attracted to sports, engineering and the military services, as career choices.

They also enjoy the privilege of having one of the most highly prized gemstones – a diamond – as their birthstone.

About the Diamond: Popularly referred to as – a girl’s best friend – diamonds are among the hardest substances known to man and are made only from one element namely — carbon.

The unique structure of this gemstone is approximately 58 times harder than anything else in nature. A diamond can only be cut with a diamond-edged tool, hence, the saying “To cut a diamond, you need a diamond”!

When cut and polished properly, the lustre and sparkle of a diamond is unlike any other gemstone. They are synonymous with engagement and wedding rings, but are also popular for wearing on special occasions, and make fabulous gifts for individuals who want something special as well as appropriate for everyday wear.

Diamonds are known to come in multiple colours including – white, yellow, red, pink, blue, and green, although their intensity may vary from intense to faint. However, diamonds with an intense streak of colour are highly prized and more valuable than lightly coloured stones.

Healing Powers: A symbol of purity, the pure white light of a diamond is said to bring love and clarity into partnerships and enhance fidelity, trust and commitment in relationships. It is said to have the power to bring strength and endurance to all forms of energy and amplify the power of crystals.

A diamond is also supposed to impart its wearer with fearlessness, invincibility and fortitude. It is said to be able to clear emotional and mental pain, reducing fear and bringing about new beginnings.

Diamonds are also believed to stimulate creativity, inventiveness, imagination and ingenuity, bring clarity of mind and aids enlightenment,aid spiritual evolution and help to detoxify the body and mind!

Famous personalities born in APRIL:

  • Chance the Rapper (Hip-hop artist/ 16 April)
  • Patricia Arquette. (Actor/08 April)
  • Doris Day (Actor/03 April)
  • Russell Crowe (Actor, Producer, Musician/07 April)
  • Thomas Hobbes (Philosopher/05 April)
  • Renee Zellweger (Actor/April 25)
  • Mandy Moore (Actor/ 10 April)
  • Andre Agassi (former Tennis player/April 29)
  • Sachin Tendulkar (cricketer/April24)
  • BR Ambedkar (social reformer/jurist/April 14)
  • Mukesh Ambani (billionaire industrialist/April 19).

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Aquamarine – Symbol of health & hope

People born in March: Fall under the zodiac sign of Pisces and are known for their honesty and reliability among other attributes. They are very compassionate and love to serve others, if given their due respect. For those born in the month, the cool hues of Aquamarine hold a special significance as their birthstone.

About Aquamarine: This March birthstone has always been known as a symbol of youth, health and hope for all those who wear it.  The healing properties of Aquamarine are equally recognised and the stone is believed to be effective against ailments that affect the throat and illnesses caused by stress.

This stone is also known to cure, insomnia, anxiety, improve communication, enhance mental clarity and emotional balance. Given its association with the sea, aquamarine is said to bring sailors good luck and ensure a safe journey across the ocean.

When worn as an amulet, it is believed to bring relief from pain and make the wearer friendlier, more intelligent and alert. It is thought to be a superior stone for fortune telling when cut and used as a crystal ball.

Aquamarine goes beautifully with gold and silver and can be worn as a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. With a reputation for being among the most flawless crystals known to mankind, Aquamarine is found in countries like Afghanistan, Africa, China, Columbia, India, Russia, Australia, Brazil and USA.

Famous personalities born in March: Pop singer Justin Bieber (Mar 1), cricketer Shahid Afridi (Mar 17), actor Aamir Khan (Mar 14), actor Rani Mukerji (Mar 21), actor Emraan Hashmi (Mar 24), singer Honey Singh (Mar 15), singer Shreya Ghosal (Mar 12), scientist Kalpana Chawla (Mar 17), actor Ram Charan Teja (Mar 27), actor Shashi Kapoor (Mar 18).

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Amethyst: For clarity & peace of mind

People born in February: Ruled by Uranus, those born into the sun-sign of Aquarius are sensitive and get easily hurt by others. However, they are also blessed with lots of common sense, ingenuity and strong willpower. They also display tremendous loyalty to people who matter to them and can weather many a storm with a smile.

About Amethysts: A semi-precious stone hailing from the violet variety of quartz, Amethysts are found in abundance in certain regions like south India, Minas Gerais (Brazil), Russia, South Korea and Zambia.

Interestingly, until the 18th century this gemstone was grouped along with the current “Big Four” (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires), also considered among the precious gemstones, but lost much of its value after the discovery of massive deposits in Brazil. 

What Amethysts signify: According to legend, the ancient Greeks, known for their love for wine, swore by the powers imbedded in this gem and even had drinking vessels made from it in the belief that it would prevent them from getting too drunk.

As per ancient Indian Vedic beliefs, wearing amethyst is said to bestow the wearer with clarity of thought, a calm mind and enhance true love and loyalty. Said to improve concentration, these stones are believed to cure alcoholism, headaches, depression, despair and insomnia.

It is a gemstone of tremendous spiritual values, especially useful in balancing the body’s chakras. Amethysts are also considered to be an affordable alternative for a sapphire, with the cosmic energies of the planet Saturn.

Famous personalities born in FebruaryActors Abhishek Bachchan (Feb 5), Madhubala (Feb 14), Shahid Kapoor (Feb 25), Maratha warrior king Shivaji (Feb 19), freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu (Feb 13), pop singer Rihanna (Feb 20), former international model Cindy Crawford (Feb 20), popular TV show host Julian Cummins (Feb 20) and basketball star Charles Barkley (Feb 20).      

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Garnet: The gem of good fortune

It’s the beginning of yet another New Year. And we at GemAtlas thought it apt to begin a new series on another fascinating aspect of gemstones – their astrological significance and benefits for people born during that particular month.

We begin this journey by telling you about the various aspects associated with GARNETS – the birthstone for people born in the month of January. We do hope you find the information helpful in improving all aspects of your life.

PEOPLE BORN IN JANUARY: Ruled by Saturn in the sign of Capricorn, they are among the most practical and ambitious people around. Bestowed with abundant organisational skills and self-confidence, they make for great leaders in all walks of life.

Patience, perseverance and self-motivation are the strengths of individuals born in this month. On the flip side, they can be moody and sensitive and have issues sharing their innermost thoughts with people around them.

ABOUT GARNETS:  The name is derived from the Latin word – Garanatus – which means seed like. Garnets refer to a group of silicate minerals (almandine, pyrope, spessartine, grossular, andradite, mozambique and uvarovite).

Best known for the deep red variety, garnets are in fact found in a variety of colours – from red to orange, yellow, brown, pink, violet, green and even in black. A green garnet of over five carats is said to be rarer than an emerald of the same size.

WHAT THEY SIGNIFY:  Garnets are said to possess strong healing and protective energies and also signify eternal friendship and trust. They are also said to dissipate all feelings of negativity and depression from the mind.

For those in business, garnets are said to attract people to the wearer and enhance their positivity. They also strengthen a person’s survival instincts in times of crisis, protect him/her from negative influences and are ideal for frequent travellers. It is also recommended to keep a few of these gemstones in one’s cash box – to increase prosperity and bring good luck.

FAMOUS PERSONALITIES BORN IN JANUARY: Actors Hrithik Roshan (Jan 10), Deepika Padukone (Jan 5), AR Rehman (Jan 06), Elvis Presley (Jan 8), Swami Vivekananda (Jan 12), Al Capone (Jan 17), novelist A A Milne (Jan 18) and media baron Subhash Chandra Bose (Jan 23) among others.

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is purely for entertainment and reference purposes only.)