Common Mistakes Jewellery Salespeople Make While Interacting With Customers

Jewelry salespeople must enhance their knowledge about the product they are selling – gold, diamond jewelry, etc, as well as about the guarantees and policies of the particular jewelry store. Sales people should always be positive, motivated and confident. They should have a friendly disposition, a smile on the face and offer a warm welcome to customers. One must be polite, listen to customers’ precise needs, and help them in all possible ways. Jewellery retail salespeople are the point of direct interaction with customers, and their attitude and behavior towards them is what brings customers back again to your jewelry store.

Every salesperson is different and has his / her own style of communicating with customers and attempting to win them over. But, there are a few common mistakes jewelry salespeople make while interacting with customers.

The following are some common mistakes the jewelry sales people commit while interacting with customers and some of them are listed below:

  • Leaving the sales floor empty when the customer arrives. In fact, customers should be greeted at the door. Failing to do this will leave customers feeling unsure about whom to approach and what to do.
  • Leaving customers to fend for themselves: When customers ask about something particular like rings or bracelets and sales persons just tell them where they are instead of walking with them to show them the products, customers are left feeling uncomfortable and neglected.
  • Not paying attention to the price-point interest: Showing a customer less expensive jewelry first is a lost opportunity. However, one must not try to push expensive products on someone if it beyond their planned budget. It’s best to find out the price point the customer is interested in.
  • Ignoring one person over another: This should never be done. No matter how small a purchase a customer is making, and even if he / she is just browsing around at your store, every customer deserves proper attention.
  • Treating customers differently based on how they are dressed: Besides the fact that this is tantamount to discrimination and is wrong, judging a book by its cover usually results in an inaccurate summing up of spending capacity, etc. Salespeople should be trained to treat all customers alike.
  • Pushing customers to buy and not giving them a chance to think about the pros and cons of making the purchase: This stresses people out, and they get put off. Jewellery is an expensive product category. One should not aim to make a sale at the expense of a customer’s happiness. The customer should have no regrets about the purchase later.
  • Interrupting customers when they are explaining about the kind of jewelry they are looking for. Talking too much and not listening to the customer is another common mistake made by sales staff at jewelry stores.
  • Not cleaning showcases that are dirty with smudges and finger prints. Salespeople should take care to see they do not leave fingerprints on glass displays. They should be attentive to this and have showcases cleaned if they have handled them.
  • Lying to customers: One must never lie to a customer about anything – be it the features of a product, when delivery can be made, or anything else. Promising something that cannot be a hundred percent delivered on should be an absolute “no”.
  • Turning a customer over to another sales person when another customer arrives: Once you have begun a conversation with a potential customer, it’s best to see it to its conclusion. Otherwise, there’s every likelihood the second salesperson will say the same things, which wastes a customer’s time. Additionally, he customer will be left feeling less important, and the new salesperson will have to start from scratch as far as establishing a relationship goes.
  • Yelling across the showroom: This is in very poor taste. Salespeople must never speak to each other from across the room. And they must certainly never have a loud difference of opinion.
  • Neglecting personal appearance: Salespeople must always be well-turned out. They must appear fresh, clean and neat. Nail polish must never be chipped, hair must never be out of place or messy, Hands and nails must never be dirty, etc.
  • Bad-mouthing competitors: Sales people must never indulge in talking badly about market competitors. Doing this reflects badly on one’s own brand.
  • Answering phone calls and texting while attending to a customer or when he / she is waiting for you: The customer should get a jewellery salesperson’s undivided attention. It is disrespectful to the customer’s time to attend to phone-calls and messages at the same time.

These are a few common mistakes jewelry salespeople make, which should be avoided. Doing this will undoubtedly help increase sales and profit, as well as improve your company’s relationship with customers. Beyond avoiding mistakes, one should constantly work on improving sales skills of staff.

Common Mistakes Jewellery Salespeople Make While Interacting With Customers