Jewellery has always been an integral part of a woman’s attractiveness and a reflection of her personality. From crude handmade baubles of wood, stones and pieces of bone to jewellery made from precious metals and gemstones, jewellery has continued to be a major accessory in a woman’s lifestyle, down the ages!

So, how does one choose this essential and often expensive accessory? Impulse buys apart, it’s always advisable to buy jewellery that matches your face, skin tone and body type.

But, how does one choose this essential part of one’s wardrobe? Sure, it can simply be a love-at-first-sight buy, but should you wish to delve deeper into understanding and accentuating your look, a great place to start would be to select jewellery that matches your face shape, since that’s the first thing that people notice about you.

For some, the kind of jewellery they wear has become synonymous with who they are or the image that they want to project. For today’s urban Indian woman, the significance of jewellery has increased manifold since she has to strike a balance between traditional and office-wear.

This is where the shape and size of the jewellery you choose – from rings, necklaces to earrings and bracelets – can actually work to enhance your appearance and your self-confidence.

So here are some handy pointers on how to go about making the right choice when it comes to buying jewellery.


Akin to the clothes you wear, necklaces also play a big role in altering your height perception. For example, a short woman should opt for longer necklaces to appear taller. Similarly, those who want to take the attention away from their tall frame need to choose shorter necklaces (16-18 inches) that don’t go below the collar bone. For example choker necklaces make for an excellent choice in this category.

Chunky necklaces like those with large stones are best suited for women with a wider frame as opposed to petite women who would naturally prefer to wear something a little more delicate and light-weight.


Earrings are important to accentuate or play down the natural contours of your face. Choosing the right earrings that suit the shape of your face can do wonders to hide your facial flaws and/or enhance its positive attributes. Women with an oval face can pretty much carry off earrings of any shape be it – round, rectangle, oval or even heart-shaped. Conversely, someone with a round face needs to stay away from large earrings or hoops and choose long or square shapes to make their face appear longer.

Triangular or chandelier earrings are best suited for those with a heart-shaped face since they tend to make the chin appear wider, while smaller stubs are best suited for women with more elongated faces.

Bracelets and Rings:

Bracelets and rings are worn on the hands and not the face, yet they have a lot to do with shaping the facial perception of their wearer. The reason for this is, a lot of times even when sitting at home or chatting with friends, women tend to bring their hands very close to their face – this is why you need to choose rings that complement not just your hands but face as well.

Again it’s important to review your body type before making a choice. Petite women tend to look their best flaunting thinner, delicate bracelets on their slender hands, while a large boned woman can just as easily carry of a chunky bracelet or even a stack of medium/thin ones.

It’s the shape of your finger that matters when selecting a ring. Smaller, delicate rings like those with an oval setting for example, tend to look best on shorter fingers. On the other hand, those with long, slender fingers have the option of choosing rings with a round setting or wide bands that accentuate their long hand.

So there you have it. Now all you have to do the next time you go jewellery/accessory shopping is to take an analytical look at yourself in the mirror and choose what works best for you. And yes, you can allow yourself the luxury of an occasional impulse buy for a love-at-first-sight piece. No problem there!


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