Aquamarine – Symbol of health & hope

People born in March: Fall under the zodiac sign of Pisces and are known for their honesty and reliability among other attributes. They are very compassionate and love to serve others, if given their due respect. For those born in the month, the cool hues of Aquamarine hold a special significance as their birthstone.

About Aquamarine: This March birthstone has always been known as a symbol of youth, health and hope for all those who wear it.  The healing properties of Aquamarine are equally recognised and the stone is believed to be effective against ailments that affect the throat and illnesses caused by stress.

This stone is also known to cure, insomnia, anxiety, improve communication, enhance mental clarity and emotional balance. Given its association with the sea, aquamarine is said to bring sailors good luck and ensure a safe journey across the ocean.

When worn as an amulet, it is believed to bring relief from pain and make the wearer friendlier, more intelligent and alert. It is thought to be a superior stone for fortune telling when cut and used as a crystal ball.

Aquamarine goes beautifully with gold and silver and can be worn as a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings. With a reputation for being among the most flawless crystals known to mankind, Aquamarine is found in countries like Afghanistan, Africa, China, Columbia, India, Russia, Australia, Brazil and USA.

Famous personalities born in March: Pop singer Justin Bieber (Mar 1), cricketer Shahid Afridi (Mar 17), actor Aamir Khan (Mar 14), actor Rani Mukerji (Mar 21), actor Emraan Hashmi (Mar 24), singer Honey Singh (Mar 15), singer Shreya Ghosal (Mar 12), scientist Kalpana Chawla (Mar 17), actor Ram Charan Teja (Mar 27), actor Shashi Kapoor (Mar 18).

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is purely for entertainment and reference purposes only.)


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