New Materials Used For Jewelry Making – What Are the Trends?

Most of the newly trending materials for jewellery making are more affordable than traditional materials. Gold, platinum and silver are the most used precious metals in jewelry making. These metals look stunning, but are very expensive. There are a variety of precious gemstones that are used to add sparkle to gold, silver and platinum jewelry. The most popular precious gemstone is the much-coveted diamond. Others are sapphires, rubies and emeralds. Pearls have also been popular for centuries. Like precious metals, precious gemstones as well as natural pearls are all quite heavy of the consumer’s wallet. Plus, except for pearls, the other options come with their share of concerns regarding environmental degradation.

Gold, silver, diamonds and precious gemstones have been used in jewelry making for centuries, but economical constraints, environmental concerns and the desire for more creative options has resulted in some other materials being popularly used for jewelry making in recent years. These include colored gemstones, titanium, brass, platinum, copper and stainless steel. Even wood, glass, plastic, leather, textiles, porcelain and ceramic are being used to make jewellery these days. People are attracted to semi-precious gemstones because of their bright and alluring colors. Mixed gemstones make for some very colorful jewelry. Some semi-precious gemstones include garnet, quartz, topaz, etc. Jewelry made with gemstones is trending a lot these days. Gemstones can be natural or cultured. Natural gemstones are those that grow naturally and are mined from the earth. Cultured gemstones are manufactured. Some include crystal, lab-grown diamonds, coloured glass stones, etc.

People who are conscious about environmental protection prefer cultured gemstones for their jewelry. Cultured stones are not only eco-friendly, they are less expensive too. Ceramic jewelry is also very popular. Such jewellery can be exquisitely hand-painted by the artists creating them. They are usually limited edition pieces and hold a lot of appeal. Some artists even create porcelain jewelry. Both ceramic and porcelain jewellery are popular with people who love art and arty creations.

Wood is also a comparatively eco-friendly material, because it is usually sourced from old wood, and is therefore recycled. Eco-friendly jewelry is made from materials that are from recycled and renewable resources. There are many designers who are inspired by nature and make only eco-friendly jewelry. So there are a lot of options one can find in eco-friendly jewelry. These are not only affordable but add style to one’s get-up too.

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New Materials Used For Jewelry Making – What Are the Trends?

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