Amethyst: For clarity & peace of mind

People born in February: Ruled by Uranus, those born into the sun-sign of Aquarius are sensitive and get easily hurt by others. However, they are also blessed with lots of common sense, ingenuity and strong willpower. They also display tremendous loyalty to people who matter to them and can weather many a storm with a smile.

About Amethysts: A semi-precious stone hailing from the violet variety of quartz, Amethysts are found in abundance in certain regions like south India, Minas Gerais (Brazil), Russia, South Korea and Zambia.

Interestingly, until the 18th century this gemstone was grouped along with the current “Big Four” (diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires), also considered among the precious gemstones, but lost much of its value after the discovery of massive deposits in Brazil. 

What Amethysts signify: According to legend, the ancient Greeks, known for their love for wine, swore by the powers imbedded in this gem and even had drinking vessels made from it in the belief that it would prevent them from getting too drunk.

As per ancient Indian Vedic beliefs, wearing amethyst is said to bestow the wearer with clarity of thought, a calm mind and enhance true love and loyalty. Said to improve concentration, these stones are believed to cure alcoholism, headaches, depression, despair and insomnia.

It is a gemstone of tremendous spiritual values, especially useful in balancing the body’s chakras. Amethysts are also considered to be an affordable alternative for a sapphire, with the cosmic energies of the planet Saturn.

Famous personalities born in FebruaryActors Abhishek Bachchan (Feb 5), Madhubala (Feb 14), Shahid Kapoor (Feb 25), Maratha warrior king Shivaji (Feb 19), freedom fighter Sarojini Naidu (Feb 13), pop singer Rihanna (Feb 20), former international model Cindy Crawford (Feb 20), popular TV show host Julian Cummins (Feb 20) and basketball star Charles Barkley (Feb 20).      

(Disclaimer: The information provided here is purely for entertainment and reference purposes only.)


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