Men’s Jewellery – What Women Like

People always think that jewelry is something that is designed for women and worn by women. This opinion is changing slowly with the times. These days, we can see more and more men wearing jewelry pieces apart from a wedding band or engagement ring. The good news is men’s jewelry is in vogue. Men’s jewelry should be as simple as possible unlike heavy women’s jewelry. Buying jewellery is one of the most difficult things for men. We often see that women guide their husband or significant other in selecting the right kind of jewelry. And they advise men on what kind of jewelry is suitable for them to wear and how to wear it.

Tips for wearing men’s jewelry:

The key to accessorizing is keeping things simple. Experimenting with jewelry is good but it is advised not to experiment before knowing what suits you. Bracelets, chain, necklace, rings are some of the accessories for men. Ideally, not too many different pieces should be worn together.

Men’s Bracelets: Metal rope chains tend to lose its glamour when scaled up. Heavy metal bracelets or clunky bangles can be worn as a statement piece but make sure you are not going overboard.  Leather bracelets, link bracelets, cuff bracelets and rope bracelets can be worn as they are in vogue.

Men’s Rings: Men should not go for the sparking diamond and attractive sapphire, as these stones are mostly worn by women. Rings can be mixed and match to suit the get-ups. Men can opt for metals such as oxidized silver, zinc and brushed brass. Gold, rose gold and silver that are engraved or have plaited inserts as this will not like a wedding band.

One thing that women love is promise bands. These are matching rings worn by one’s lady love and her man. They are similar to wedding bands, but usually incorporate some slight design. Platinum Guild made these quite popular their “platinum day of love” campaign.

Men’s Chains / Necklaces: Chains and necklace for men are slightly thicker than for the women. Larger links and thick bands will look appropriate on men with a thick neck. A beaded necklace is another good option. Most jewelry designers would agree that men’s jewelry is meant to compliment and not to overwhelm. Wearing a pendant-style necklace is popular and common among men.

Gent’s Watches: Watches are something that can be worn all the time and accepted in all circumstances. Metal watches go well with suits and sports jacket while plastic watches and cloth bands are for casual wear.

Apart from above, other common men’s accessories are cufflinks and tie clips.

Women like men with jewelry but it should be simple and clean. Pierced ears and belly-buttons are not corporate friendly and are not liked too much by women either.

Men’s Jewellery – What Women Like

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