Keeping Updated About Hand-made Jewellery Making Through Reading

Whether the intent is to start up a new business or enhancing one’s present business, knowledge and skills about any kind of jewellery making can be gained through books on jewellery making or by reading blogs. You can get new ideas about jewellery making with different kind of materials, technologies, trends, etc. Reading popular books can improve your skills and you may also gain access to information required to enhance your skills and overall business.

While traditional jewellery making is considered to be the purest form of the art, it cannot cater to all types of demand. Additionally, not all designs can be made using traditional skills.

Here are some popular books which can be read to enhance your knowledge and skill in different types of hand-made jewellery making:

  • ‘Bead on a Wire: Making Handcrafted Wire and Beaded Jewellery’

    By Sharilyn Miller

  • ‘Basic Jewellery Making: All the Skills and Tools You Need to Get Started’

    By Sandy Allison

  • ‘Jewllery Making’: Make Your Passions into Profits

   By Janice love

  • ‘Jewellery Making (Crush it in the Jewellery Making Business)’

   By Susie Quinn

  • ‘Making Metal Jewellery: Projects, Techniques, Inspiration’

   By Joanna Goldberg

  • ‘Making Metal Jewellery: projects, techniques, inspiration’

   By Joanna Goldberg

  • Teach Yourself Visually: Jewellery Making and Beading’

   By Chris Franchetti Michaels

  • ‘Stamped Metal Jewellery: Techniques and Designs for Making Custom Jewellery’

  By Lisa Niven Kelly

  • ‘Fabulous Jewellery from Found Objects: Creative Projects, Simple Techniques’

  By Marthe Le Van

  • ‘Sherri Haab Jewellery Inspirations: Techniques and Designs from the Artist’s Studio’

  By Sherri Haab

  • ‘Create Jewellery: Glass (Create Jewellery series)’

  By Marlene Blessing

Although there are not too many blogs dedicated solely to the art of jewellery making, there are a many blogs one can follow to enhance ones knowledge of trends and techniques.

Some jewellery blogs that are useful to follow to understand trends and concepts include:

Apart from reading books and blogs, if you are beginner, you can enhance your jewellery making skills by buying a bead jewellery kit and you can learn simple beading techniques and jewellery making. You can buy one online or from any craft store or from jewellery designers.

Take a Jewellery Making Course: You could sign up for jewellery making courses where you can learn about different styles and designs. Jewellery making courses are offered by many colleges and universities under their arts program. You can attend classes and enrol in an informal course as well.

You can perfect your skills of jewellery making by implementing different creative ideas and with a lot of practice. Most successful jewellery designers and creators became perfect by practicing.

Keeping Updated About Hand-made Jewellery Making Through Reading

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