Jewellery Collection as a Hobby

Most of us have some or the other hobby depending on our individual nature, interests and habits. Some people have hobbies like singing, writing, cooking, exercising and others have hobbies that entail collecting items. It could be anything from coin collection to stamps, toys or Jewellery.

Jewellery Collection is a fascinating hobby. The pieces are generally very attractive and can be used. Jewellery collection as a hobby enhances one’s knowledge about different jewels, especially if one is collecting real diamonds or precious or semi-precious stones, etc. One can collect different coloured diamonds and unique shapes. To many, and especially to collectors – coloured diamonds are more attractive and appealing than colourless ones. In fact, a collection of different coloured stones and diamonds should also include rare stones, although this is a very costly hobby.

A Red diamond is considered to be the rarest of diamonds and that is why it is expensive too. Common shapes of colourless diamond are round whereas fancy coloured diamonds are mostly cut to get fancy shapes like oval, emerald, radiant, etc.

There are some unusual and rare shapes of diamond which can make it a unique piece for the collector and can be considered to be a treasure to be cherished. Also, colours like blue, purple and pink which are rarely found can be collected making the collection rare and beautiful. Other precious stones apart from diamond are sapphire, ruby and emerald. These can make good collection when combined with each other.

Semi-precious stones are considered to be less expensive than precious stones but this is not necessary as some semi-precious stones can even be more expensive. Semi-precious stones are also used along with precious stones for making beautiful and stunning jewellery. Some semi-precious stones are also believed to have mystical powers such as healing properties and are believed to be able to change luck and create positive and negative impacts to the wearer.

Some of the semi-precious stones that should be in a collection of jewellery lovers are garnet, jade, lapis lazuli, opal, quartz, topaz and pearl. Apart from adding tonnes of oomph to the collection, these semi-precious stones add dynamism and beauty to the jewellery collection rather than just collecting metal jewellery like gold, platinum and silver. Collecting vintage jewellery which contains these precious and semiprecious stones can make your collections even more valuable.

Collecting jewellery is an expensive but passionate hobby, especially if you are collecting real diamonds and semi-precious stones.

This hobby of collecting jewellery can also help you to enhance your knowledge about different jewellery and types of stones and materials that are used.

Jewellery Collection as a Hobby

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