Handling Jewellery – 5 Common Mistakes

Fine jewellery is usually made of precious materials such as diamonds, precious and semi-precious gemstones and expensive metals like gold, platinum and silver. While it’s true that jewelry does not require much space for storing, one must store it properly so that it does not get damaged and scratched. Whether it’s the end user or a jewelry retailer or wholesaler, there are some common mistakes people make while handling jewellery.  Some of them are as follows:

  1. Mixing jewelry and storing: This is a very common mistake. People store jewelry together and all mixed up in one box. The different metals and precious stones in jewellery all require extra care. For instance, pearls should never be stored along with other metal jewellery, especially silver. Pearls are very soft and can get scratches and silver has tendency to tarnish, so it can stain pearls.
  2. Climate: We often commit the mistake of keeping jewelry in a high temperature place and even in places where jewelry is exposed to direct sunlight. Jewelry should be stored in a dark, relatively cool and dry space where it will not be exposed to heat and sunlight. Jewelry should not get wet and be kept away damp as well.
  3. Contact with skin and hair products: Jewelry gets damaged easily when it comes in contact with cosmetics, sunscreen lotion, hair spray and perfumes. Therefore, it is highly recommended to put these items on and allow them to dry and wear jewelry only after these chemicals have dried out or been absorbed by the skin.
  4. Cleaning: People tend to clean their jewelry by soaking or storing pieces in jewelry cleaning products for a long period of time. This can damage the fine jewelry. Using solution that contains chlorine and sulfur, or using an ultrasonic cleaner can also damage jewelry. While some methods are okay for fine jewelry, they may be very bad for fashion jewelry and plated jewelry.
  5. Incorrect jewelry storage: Keeping jewelry out in the open is another common mistake. Too much moisture in the air is harmful for jewelry. The moisture in the air tends to make jewelry look old. Jewellery should be stored in a protective box or tarnish-resistant pouch. Or it should be stored in zip-lock plastic bags.

By avoiding these mistakes and with a little care, jewelry will look new and will last you a long time.

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Handling Jewellery – 5 Common Mistakes

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