Environmentally Friendly Jewellery

For some women jewellery is an important accent to beauty and confidence, for others – a symbol of social status. Men love to adourn their lady loves and wear jewellery themselves too.  Almost everyone loves jewellery, but not many know that it comes at a steep cost to the environment. The primary cause of environmental damage is mining, which affects the surrounding environment and its ecosystems. Mining activities result in the leakage of harmful chemicals into surrounding water-bodies, it results in erosion of land, disturbs the earth’s tectonic plates and depletes natural resources.

Those concerned with the impact of mining on the surroundings could choose environmental friendly jewellery and to their bit to protect the planet. Jewellery made from recycled and renewable materials, and natural materials that can be recycled are some eco-friendly options. Buying old jewellery could be another option.

Some retailers make jewellery out of recycled gold. If you buy recycled jewellery you can be satisfied with the fact that you are being responsible towards the environment.

People can opt for fine jewellery made by local jewellers or small industry set-ups that use old gold and gemstones to making new designs and pieces. This, however, is not a workable idea for large scale jewellery manufacturing.

Buying vintage jewellery is another option. Vintage jewellery is eco-friendly and in vogue too. You can revive your vintage jewellery by just cleaning it or making minor alterations like adding some coloured stones to it to match your style.

Another option is pearls. Opt for pearls as they are farmed in water and the process is less damaging to the environment than metals-mining, diamond and gemstones mining. Pearls look beautiful and are natural.

Another great option of jewellery that is environmentally friendly is artificially created stones or synthetic stones, which are a great alternative to mined gemstones and are far less expensive than natural gems. Created gemstones could look almost as good as natural gems and are available in various colours. You could also wear handmade jewellery that is made of wood and glass beads. By buying such jewellery you can support small-scale jewellery makers and help them earn a living, as well.

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Environmentally Friendly Jewellery

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