Buying and Selling Antique Jewellery

If collecting antique jewelry and discovering treasures is your passion, then starting an antique jewelry business is one the best career options for you. You can have your own retail business and earn great profits without necessarily having a store-front. Finding antique pieces of jewellery such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings is a thrilling process in itself. Gathering information to help you recognize the value of the antique jewelry is important to make money. You can share this information with your online or offline customers, so they may also appreciate the history and the artistry of the pieces of antique jewelry.

Finding the best antique jewelry is important. One must therefore visit auctions, antique shows and estate sales. Do not forget to ask the jeweler for a certificate for the pieces that are claimed to be authentic antiques. You could also find some great antique jewelry and deals in online auctions.

To know the value of the jewelry, you can look at jewelry price guides or you can do some online research. Check out what other sellers made at auctions on similar types of jewelry or else you can check the price of pieces made by the same jeweler. Do your research before you go to an auction or estate sale. Make sure you can make enough profits off of each piece if you pay the price the seller asks for.

Look for the maker’s mark before buying a piece of antique jewellery because most antique jewelry has this information inscribed in it. This indicates that the piece is really antique. Check the logo or artist’s initial on the back of the jewelry piece. Once you identify that the piece is indeed an antique, check the condition of the jewelry ensuring that there are no damage. If the damage is rectifiable, factor the cost of repairs into the purchase.

Looking for places to sell your antique jewelry will be an important part of your business plan. You can sell through online auction websites, where you can offer details about the jewelry like its history and maker. You can also sell it by holding an auction if you have many pieces to sell or you can sell in a flea market. Having some physical antique jewellery stores that you sell to regularly is also important, if you want to build a lucrative business of buying and selling antique jewellery.

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Buying and Selling Antique Jewellery

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