Vintage Jewellery For Today’s Generation

It is much easier to revive your vintage jewellery than you think. Many fashionistas have recently been seen flaunting stunning pieces of vintage jewellery. Yes, vintage jewellery is very much in vogue and now is the time for you to open the family jewel chest, pull out the old pieces and flaunt them. Add a modern touch to your vintage jewellery by blending it into your modern style sensibilities. You can add some sparkle to jewellery you inherited from your grandmother or mother by wearing pieces in different ways, or altering them slightly. It is just like old wine in a new bottle!

Follow these useful steps for reviving your old antique jewellery:  

Clean Your Vintage Jewellery:

You can give new life to old jewellery that has lost its shine just by cleaning it. Don’t clean your vintage jewellery yourself. Leave this job to professionals. Your antique jewellery needs to be cleaned with care to help regain its look without damaging it.

Repair Your Vintage Jewellery:

Get your vintage jewellery checked for loose stones, weak links, etc. Do not wear the jewellery till you have it checked and repaired, or it might fall or break. This would also be a good time to customise the jewelry a bit to suit your tastes, if need be, by adding some elements to make the piece larger, etc.

Wear Colours That Make Your Jewellery Stand Out:

The best way to retain the value of your antique jewellery is to retain its design as far as possible. Flaunt your vintage jewellery by leaving the way it is, but pair it with ensemble colours that complement the pieces. Pastel colours often work well because they do not detract attention from your vintage jewellery pieces.

Use these tips to surprise your friends with your new old jewelry look. This will also help you add some variety to your usual look. So, go ahead – open the old jewel box and add some vintage sparkle to your look.

Vintage Jewellery For Today’s Generation

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