Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Usher In a Colour Revolution

A lab-created diamond is chemically and structurally just like a diamond. It is even certified and graded the same way natural mined diamonds are. They are simply grown in a lab, and not within the earth. A lab-created diamond not only looks stunning it is also considered as more environmentally friendly.  Nowadays, consumers, rightly so, are very concerned about the environment, so many prefer lab grown diamonds over natural diamonds.

Apart from the fact that lab-grown diamonds are “green”, and that they offer a considerable price advantage over natural diamonds, lab grown diamonds are also more freely available in fancy colors and even cuts. Naturally, mined diamonds have a limited colour range, as do precious stones, but if grown in a lab, the possibility of customization options is only likely to grow further in future. Lab-created colored diamonds are already gaining popularity worldwide. Currently, the most preferred color among lab-grown diamonds is blue.

Lab-created diamonds are also known as cultured diamonds. They are grown in highly controlled environments with advanced technological processes that duplicate the conditions under which natural diamond develops. While diamonds are only lab-grown in white, yellow or blue color; it is possible to achieve other colors with post-growth treatment and then other colors like purple, pink, green and red diamond can be created. This is likely to usher in a colour revolution with regard to jewelry, as jewelers start to get creative with lab-grown colored diamonds.

Lab grown diamonds are perfect for people who look for affordable and 100% conflict free, environmental friendly jewelry. And, with the added attraction of a wide colour palette for these stunning stones, they are likely to push jewellery trends towards the use of a lot of colour. So, whether it is for engagement rings, pendants, necklaces, bangles or bracelets, lab created diamonds are emerging as the best choice for people who are passionate about colored jewelry. Diamonds have always been very attractive, colored diamonds are perhaps even more so because their natural varieties are quite rare, and many have never even laid eyes on rare mined diamond colours, whereas lab-grown diamonds have brought these beautiful options to a large audience.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Will Usher In a Colour Revolution

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