Electronic Jewelry – Combining Technology with Jewellery

Jewelry has always been basically used to enhance beauty and style.  It is also a mark of social status –for women, especially. Beyond this, jewelry has never been particularly useful. But, this is rapidly changing. Technological advances are rapid in all areas, and now, technology has been added to the jewelry manufacturing process too. Combining technology with jewellery has created a new trend of “smart jewellery”. Focus has been lent to hidden devices in jewelry, which offer the function of safety, health and fitness, communication, etc. This has changed the way people will look at jewellery in the future. Jewelry is finally both a thing of beauty and great usefulness!

A few wearable smart jewelry pieces and electronic jewelry items that stand out as being very useful to our daily lives are listed below:

  • Cuff smart jewelry: This wearable jewelry line includes bracelets, keyrings, necklaces, etc. Cuff has a button which you can press in case of an emergency. Configured contacts will be alerted once you press the button and they will understand that you are in need of help.
  • Ringly: This is a smart ring, and is very helpful as it beeps an alert when you get a phone call or a text message. Also a vibrate function helps in alerting the user.
  • Leaf: Leaf is a small piece of technology jewelry by Bellabeat, which can be worn as a bracelet, pendant, or clip. This smart jewelry is very useful and designed especially for women and it monitors fitness, sleeping levels and more. It has built in breathing exercises to regain your wellbeing and check stress levels. It helps you to balance your daily activity, while is also acts as fitness guidance through an iPhone app.
  • MEMI Bracelet: This smart bracelet notifies you of incoming phone calls and texts. You can wear this smart bracelet and get alerts, and the best thing about this smart bracelet is it doesn’t look like a device – it looks like jewelry. MEMI is available in gold and silver. It solves the problem of missing important phone calls. This is compatible with iPhone and most of the other devices.
  • Misfit Shine: This is a smart fitness tracker which tracks your activities including running, walking, swimming and your sleep too. You can wear it on your wrist by attaching it in a leather band, or wear it as a necklace. Misfit Shine looks like a locket, it works with an iOS and Android app.

There is a growing market for these and similar wearable technology jewelry pieces, which combine beauty with technology. It’s certainly a business opportunity worth exploring.

Electronic Jewelry – Combining Technology with Jewellery

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