Creating Beautiful Coloured Stone Jewellery Irrespective of Value

A diamond is a precious gem and many believe that absolutely nothing can surpass its beauty. While a majority of diamonds in natural form are “colourless”, coloured diamonds are also found. However, these are rare and usually demand a high price.

Beside diamond, precious stones generally include coloured stones like emerald, ruby and sapphire.

The only major limitation with a piece of jewellery studded with diamonds and other precious gems is the price that is very heavy on the pockets. It is for this reason that “imitation” jewellery has always been an alternative in vogue, and always will be. Imitation jewellery usually combines semi-precious gems with sliver or even cheaper metals, although gold may also be used. If one is a fan of coloured jewels, the options are limitless, because besides the obvious look-alikes for rubies, emeralds and sapphires, imitation / costume jewellery offers a scintillating range of choices.

Whether it’s expensive coloured diamonds, precious gems, semi-precious gems or synthetic stones, colour is a hot trend at the moment.

Some combinations of colours that can be looked at, irrespective of value, include:

Yellow and Orange: Incorporation of yellow and orange gemstone makes for stunning pieces of jewellery. Yellow diamonds are priced lower than other coloured diamonds. Next to red and purple diamonds, orange is the rarest of diamonds, so that is a very expensive option. Sapphires are also found in yellow. Orange stones that are light on the wallet include orange topaz, orange garnet, orange agate, among numerous others. Try combining yellow and orange and you will see the beautiful look it creates.

Red Goes With Everything!: Red is among the favourites for people who like coloured jewellery. If you’re going for creating jewellery for the crème-de-la-crème, what better than red diamonds? Red diamonds have a stunning rich colour, but the red diamond is rarest of all. A combination of a red diamond with other coloured stones can be used for making earring, rings, bracelets and necklaces too. If one were going for that high-end customer, red diamonds would usually need to be paired with their colourless counterpart. And, there’s not much scope of using many pieces of red diamond, but perhaps a centre-stage stone.

Rubies come in all sorts of varieties, and are a big favourite among lovers of red stones.

Especially for rings and earrings — red gemstones go well with any and all kinds of coloured stones. One can be as creative as one wants, using anything from rose quartz, blue topaz and pink amethyst with red. Some options for red semi-precious stones are red spinel, red agate, red garnet, rubellite, etc. There are many other options worth exploring.

Grey, Brown and Black Stones: For those into a more sultry look, combining grey, brown and black stones makes for attractive jewellery. Grey diamonds are less expensive than other colours but a diamond is a diamond and so, various stones can be substituted for diamonds to play around with grey. Moonstone, fluorite, spinel and tourmaline are a few that work well. Tourmaline, imperial topaz and smoky quartz can bring a great brown colour to jewellery and can even be blended well with grey and other coloured diamond.

Blue and Green: Blue and green combinations create a wonderful look that is reminiscent of the ocean. Blue and green diamonds are very rare and very expensive too. To make it more affordable there are innumerable beautiful gemstones which come in almost the entire palette of blue and green hues. Prominent blue or green gemstones include sapphire, tourmaline, aquamarine and emeralds. The price points of these are vastly different, though. But, combining blue and green coloured stones offers a rich and attractive blend.

When jewellery makers create with colour, they usually use the same price-point of stones. The main reasoning behind this is that the wearer wants the onlooker to realise the value of the piece. When an expensive rare diamond is paired with garnets for example, the onlooker would not realise the value of that one stone. GemAtlas is here to tell you that you can do a pairing with stones of much less value if you do it creatively. You could pair cheaper precious or even semi-precious stones with a very much more expensive statement stone without taking away from the stone’s glory by using an appropriate design and appropriate colours and quality of stones. The quality would have to be very superior at least to the naked-eye, and the colours would have to be such that they complement and certainly should not take anything away from the main stone. The design should be like a spotlight for the main stone, in such a case.

All the best using the endless array of colour combinations available to you in every conceivable price range!

Creating Beautiful Coloured Stone Jewellery Irrespective of Value

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