Sourcing Raw Materials for Jewellery Manufacturing in the Right Way

The quality of raw materials you use is imperative to the quality of your finished jewellery, as would be the case with any other product. The source of your materials, whether diamonds, gemstones, gold or other materials that go into the manufacturing process, for your materials to be of a high-quality, you must source them from a trusted, reputed company.

The following are a few tips to help you source the right materials from the right people.

Know your materials: Whether it’s metals, stones or machinery, make it a point to know all subject matter concerning the materials you work with. That way you will be able to know whether you are receiving good quality of produce, and spot inconsistencies with batches. You can thus avoid your metals being mixed with impurities and other such issues.    

Different machinery requires different types and forms of precious metal, etc, and so a thorough knowledge will help you get things right as well.

Procure certified raw-materials: Always procure certified and validated raw materials to eliminate the chances of mixing and impure materials.

Undertake quality checks: You should have a process in place for checking quality of every batch or every piece of stone you receive.

Study the reputation of your suppliers: Choose raw-material suppliers only after checking their credentials with respect to experience as well as fraud. It is recommended to opt for manufacturers and suppliers who are associated with national and local jewellery associations.

Credible sources for materials may also be found via the Internet, but make sure you do a thorough check on the company or person. Finding a supplier on a B2B industry portal that does its own checks would also be a good idea.

Some of the common ways in which a supplier can dupe a jewellery manufacturer are listed below:

  1. Adding impurities of the same colour to increase the weightage which majorly decreases the quality and longevity of the product
  1. Weighing materials erroneously — the weight displayed could be higher than what has been weighed
  1. The supplier could show one thing and deliver something else, and the manufacturer would probably get to know of this occurrence only when and if a customer complains

For all products that are sold, a guarantee card needs to be provided to the customers. It is the customers basic right. To be able to honour commitments, it is highly essential that the quality of the products is being maintained. This heavily relies on the consistent quality of raw materials used in the manufacturing process.

Sourcing Raw Materials for Jewellery Manufacturing in the Right Way

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