Security Tips For Jewellery Stores

While it is advisable for business to have a wide array of pieces at your jewellery store, the more inventory you have the more your burden of liability for the security and safety of your produce. One hears about thefts at jewellery stores in the news every day. And, even large stores with security measures in place are known to fall prey to small robberies and big heists alike.

It is advisable to consult a security company to take care of security needs of your retail outlets, including installation of security gadgets as well as maintenance of the same. Security companies offering comprehensive services should also be able to provide trained security guards. In the case of jewellery stores, they are usually armed guard.

It would make you well prepared to note that security measures like CCTV and alarms can be tampered with and disabled, and are therefore not fool-proof. Your best bet would be to have multiple layers and types of security measures.

Tips to keep your jewellery store safe:

Keep your jewellery store safe with sensors that detect motion: Motion sensors are effective in alarming you or authorities about an unauthorised entry

Install hidden cameras: Hidden pinhole cameras are useful to maintain vigil over your store. Make sure that you do not tell your staff where hidden cameras are. Having additional open cameras as well would help to fool staff, making them unaware of hidden cameras. These would also act as a deterrent to petty thieves. Remember that thefts are often a result of collaboration with an insider or are completely an insider job.

Install a barcode and scanning system in your jewellery store: A store may not be only burgled when it is closed, but many thefts are also reported when the store is open. This is why a barcode and product scanning system should always be deployed at the exits of the store, such that they beep every time an unbilled item is being carried out of the store. Barcodes must be attached in a way that it is very difficult for a layperson to get a tag off a piece of jewellery.

Custom-make your security systems: Most security companies offer custom-designed security systems for jewellery stores. Consult your security company about where you need to place cameras, etc.

Electronic lockers: A jewellery store is not only vulnerable to thefts and burglary but may also be prone to loss due to storage mistakes, etc. Electronic lockers / vaults to keep jewellery safe are also recommended.

It is also suggested to minimise moving of jewellery from one place to another without high security measures in order to reduce the risks of loss in transit.

Security Tips For Jewellery Stores

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