Stay Connected to Follow Trends in the Jewellery Industry

Jewellery manufacturing requires creativity, innovation and variety. Staying abreast with trends is not only a way to understand what buyers are looking for but also a way to make sure you learn what has worked for others and what hasn’t. With competition and innovation all around it is not easy to stay updated with the latest trends and flows in the market. After all, there is a lot of information out there today, but the source of information is most important. It is not uncommon to fall prey to information that is not validated and just someone’s opinion.

GemAtlas herewith brings you a few expert tips to make sure that information and trends you are following are suited to you and validated as per their source:

  • Make sure you follow designer or trend blogs that have an interactive platform, wherein you can ask questions and interact with people too. This helps in networking and also keeps you in flow!
  • Follow blogs that specialise in the same type of jewellery you deal in. There are many jewellery or jewellery design blogs. You need to identify the ones with a similar speciality as yours. If you deal only with precious stones, there is no point following a designer who deals in only gold jewellery, for example.
  • For the latest jewellery trends follow jewellery exhibitions and trade shows and observe the shifts in what is showcased in every edition.
  • For choosing which jewellery designers to follow, check the price-points and the range of designs. There is no point following multiple designers in the bridal jewellery range when you are into mass produced jewelry, for example.
  • Though there are many books related to jewellery and styling, you also need to subscribe to some popular jewellery trend publications. This way you will always have the latest information handy.

Networking is an important part of this business. Joining social media groups and consumer forums helps to stay connected with the latest buzz and technology. News about retailers and buyers is also frequently shared on these platforms. Stay connected with all the latest feeds.

For the best designs and trends, fashion oriented blogs and websites are the best. For manufacturing and equipment, manufacturer forums and discussion groups should be added. In fact, even if you have to buy jewellery, information about prices, designs and terms and conditions should be compared before spending money.

The trends of making and wearing jewellery are changing every season. With adequate connectivity comes adequate knowledge to help you make the right decisions.

Stay Connected to Follow Trends in the Jewellery Industry

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