How to Store Jewellery Effectively and Easily

Jewellery is not just an essential part of one’s ensemble but is often looked at as an investment. Moreover, jewellery requires care so it can be used even for generations. Delicately crafted jewellery requires more care and attention, especially with respect to storage. To ensure longevity of the craftsmanship and the delicate perfection, certain practices for jewellery care must be followed.

The following are a few jewellery care tips to help keep your ornaments and jewellery shining and safe for long:

Say “No” to air-tight containers: Never store gold jewellery in air-tight containers. Doing so could build up moisture over time. Such moisture and humidity tends to tarnish the colour of gold making it appear brownish and creating the need for polishing.

Do not store jewellery upside down – especially diamond jewellery: This could make the reactive surfaces impact the cut and finish of the stones thereby depreciating the quality of the diamonds.

Do not keep platinum jewellery in cases of polymers and plastic: Not only do polymers and plastic affect the shine and finish of the metal, it may also stain the jewellery by oxidization.

Jewellery needs to be kept safe in silk and cotton layers and never rolled over and turned over: The piece of jewelry has to be laid down flat in its special / appropriate box. It’s best to use the case that it comes in when the jewellery is bought.

For all necklaces and earrings, the locks should be left open during storage: Storing earring pages (back fasteners) separately creates less wear-and-tear on the rings of its stick, however, this may increase the chances of losing the page, so beware! Bracelet and necklaces should similarly be left unfastened to improve longevity of the fastening mechanisms.

Jewellery care instructions are sometime mentioned on the guarantee / warranty cards that come with them. Taking the advice of your jeweller for the specific piece you have purchased is also a great idea. Remember to write down the instructions on a little note and place it in the box.

Don’t forget that besides storage, expert jewellery care practices must also to be used while cleaning jewellery. Using the wrong cleaning agents could cause immeasurable damage to your jewelry.

How to Store Jewellery Effectively and Easily

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