Design Your Store With These Simple Pointers

If you own a jewellery store, you already know how important it is to ensure that every item is appropriately displayed. All relevant surveys conclude that customers are able to pay better attention to jewellery pieces that are displayed well. Making your displays attractive and eye-catching is the best way to draw customers’ attention to the pieces, especially those you want to showcase more.

Re-designing a jewellery store may seem to be an expensive proposition in every instance, but it is not always so. So, if the current design of your jewellery store has some flaws that are going against you, please go ahead and redesign it.

So, what are the factors to pay careful attention to while designing a jewellery store layout?

Planning the seating of your jewellery store:

The trick is to plan the seating arrangement in such a way that it does not distract attention from the displays. Chairs with low backs and colours that do not steal attention away from the table showcases are best advised.

Not too many mirrors in your jewelry retail store please!:

While it is a common practice to place a lot of mirrors so customers can try on pieces and see how they look, by placing too many mirrors customers’ attention is diverted and there is a feeling of too much happening.

Go for comfortable elegance:

The interiors of your jewellery store should make customers feel comfortable. Have comfortable seating, at your waiting lounge area as well as the seating around the table-top displays. The more comfortable the customer, the more time they will spend in your store! A jewellery store need not be expensive, but it much have a rich feel nonetheless – After all jewellery is all about luxury! Remember – Basic stores offer comfort of the customers; Better stores make them feel special.

Use the correct lighting:

Diamonds usually require white light and gold requires yellow light in the displays. The store lighting you should go for would depend on the ambience and colours of the interiors and flooring.

Some additional easy to incorporate tips for designing your jewelry store are as follows:

  • Keep the floor as slip-free as possible
  • Have enough walking space
  • Have uniformed staff so they appear neat and presentable and can be easily identified The lights should be angled appropriately for the jewellery in the displays. They should certainly never hit customers in the eyes!
  • Central displays need to be visible from all sides
  • Security and safety of the merchandise and employees must be considered while designing your jewellery store. It is also essential to understand storage concepts and security mechanisms for the storage of the jewellery when not is use

In addition to the above, customer care staff and sales executives need to be groomed to match the standards of the store. Welcoming the customer at the entrance of the store is the most effective way to make customers feel welcome.

While there are many books on jewellery store design available in the market. Everything including the height of the displays need to be adjusted according to the specifications of the target customer, product and the store.

It is also important to remember that there should not be too much “bling” in your interiors, because a product like jewellery has enough of it already.  You should not have any elements that take away the limelight from the displays.

Remember, whether it’s the jewellery you are selling or your jewelry store’s ambience – What looks attractive is more inviting!

Design Your Store With These Simple Pointers

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