Basic Etiquette of Jewellery Retailing!

Jewellery is a luxury product, and so, the least a customer would expect is to be treated with a bit of etiquette. This is not to say that any customer really, should not be treated with etiquette.

Each store would do well to provide its sale people with its own  jewellery retailing guide book.

So, what does etiquette with respect to jewellery retail involve? The following are a few basic etiquette guidelines of jewellery retailing:

Look presentable:

It’s not just the jewellery that should be well-presented, sales people should be presentable too. Having a shabby appearance shows lack of respect for the customer and would put customers off.

Be hospitable, but not overbearing:

Sometimes large stores can be a bit overbearing for a person. A sales person should make customers feel comfortable. Never make them feel pressurised towards making a purchase. Be warm and inviting, but never overbearing. Sales people should exhibit a relaxed attitude, rather than a rushed one.

Allow customers their time to look around the store displays themselves if they want to.

Never mislead the customer:

Never mislead a customer to make a sale or for any other reason. Help each customer make a decision that is right for him / her. Let’s take the example of a sales person who tells a client that a piece of silver jewellery would never tarnish. Not only will the buyer soon realise that it indeed has, the reputation of your brand will be tarnished right along with it!

Many sales people tend to mislead customers with respect to price. One must not ever say “This is already on discount”, and other such falsehoods, if it is not in fact true.

Just because a sale has been closed does not mean a prospective buyer deserves more attention. Far from just after a sale, after sales service for a product category like jewellery should ideally be offered forever – servicing, polishing, looking into repairs should never be looked at as a chore. Remember, existing customers will only come back for repeat purchases if you have great follow-through with after-sales services and you develop a great rapport with customers.

Be happy:

No one likes a grouch! Be attentive to customers’ needs, and above all be happy to provide your service with a genuine smile!

Too busy to attend to a new walk-in? Just take a moment to request a customer to give you a few minutes before you can join him / her:

It is impolite to let a customer stand alone and request for a piece of jewellery to be pulled out of a tray multiple times, as just one example.

Have your guards alert sales people about every walk-in, and excuse yourself from a person you are attending to for just a few seconds to tell the new potential customer you will be with her / him shortly.

A customer may buy a small piece of jewellery or may pay a hefty amount of money – The cost should not be in proportion to the attention sales staff pays.

The entire shopping experience as well as the relationship between your customer and your sales people – who are your brand’s front should be an extremely fulfilling one.

Basic Etiquette of Jewellery Retailing!

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