What are the Steps to be Taken Before a Jewellery can Start Exporting

The jewellery sector has been fast growing within the past few years. The major reason credited with the global popularity of this sector is the fact that it employs a large number of people throughout the various stages of the process. Be it procurement, cutting and grafting, jewellery designing, retailing and online sales, globally a large number of people are employed in this sector. There are different processes of the jewellery sectors that have to be catered to before a company decided to expand and reach exports.

While gold stand as the number 1 position in the international export and import, certain countries have now gained repute with diamond imports and exports as well. This proves to be a natural advantage for the countries where gold and diamonds are mined as all geographical landscapes do not have these precious and semiprecious mines. The export of Gold also increased with the consideration of it being the safest investment in terms of returns as stated by the Jewellery Export Guide

There is a certain jewellery export procedure that considers various elements before the export of precious and semi-precious jewellery is considered. There are various reasons for this including the fact that being a precious commodity the loss and damage to the commodity being exported or imported would make the importer and the exporter bear liability and responsibility for the losses.

Another important element in the preparation for jewellery exporting would include the full fletched study of the markets and demand in the country where the jewellery is being exported to.  Secondly, the certifications and licenses also need to be in place. Steps before jewellery exporting would also include the various factors that determine the quality checks and the compliances.

Some of the factors that need to be considered are:

  • The nature of export and the business terms that have to be duly accepted and signed
  • The guarantee of the payments and delivery to be made in time
  • Quality and compliance clauses and the penalising
  • The market and shareholding of the country in the global markets that has been chosen for export
  • The national policies of jewellery trade and import in the country of import
  • The legislations and regulations in the country that is exporting
  • The demand chain of the items that are being exported and an analysis of the amount of requirement that has to be fulfilled.
  • The supply chain of the exporting company such that the exact amount of jewellery to be exported can be manufactured on time
  • Governmental interferences and policies that defined the export and import of jewellery.

Another major factor that needs to be considered by GemAtlas, before jewellery is being exported is the fact about the delivery chains and the export lines. Handling with care and fragility clauses have to be cleared with the consignees and the transporter. Any lack of clarity would result in businesses losses for the exporter and importer as well.

What are the Steps to be Taken Before a Jewellery can Start Exporting

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