Target the Retailers – of course don’t ignore the Students!

Diamonds are not limited to the jewellers and craftsmanship only. Modern times have also increased the technological interventions in Diamond crafting and jewellery making as well. There has also been a desperate need to customize the stone certificate courses. The only thing that needs to be customised further is the fact that the diamond grading course offers need to be spread further. While most of the diamond institutes cater to the needs of the students who later work in big fashion houses and retail outlets, it is also important to extend the scope of the training to the lesser exposed areas of the business.

Courses that are offered to students

 Various gemmology institutes and colleges have been able to offer certification courses in gemstones and design and this has increased the level of efficiency in the industry. This makes the colleges and training institutes focus their attention on the students who need to be enrolled for the trainings. Courses and certification offered may be needed to learn diamond grading. Not only has the quality of the diamonds increased but the fake and incorrect stones have also increased. This has also increased the need for certification to beat the competition of employment in this industry.

Courses that should be offered to craftsmen

 There are other people employed in the industry who may not choose the formal path of education and not get trained for it. Yet they have the best craftsmanship and designing talents that nobody can match. This is why, it is essential to include them in the league of the modern courses and certification as well. There is a need to learn diamond grading and this can be seen from the various certificates that are attached to the various gemstones that are bought. Not unless, is one specified and certified, to identify the real value of the stones is not possible. Especially in cases where natural and manmade stones do not have much difference in times today.

There are many of the opinion who think why Diamond certification courses should be introduced in the industry. While the main focus of these training institutions if on the students who wish to craft careers with gemstones and jewellery, there are others who need to be trained as well. Customization of the courses is needed to train the players of the industry. At times to consider the time limitations of the people being trained and the fast track courses and to include the people who are already working and cannot find the timing for fulltime training courses.

Not only would the certification from GemAtlas help in advancing the knowledge that the craftsmen and designers would have but to identify the jewels and stones in order to grade them can also majorly increase the authenticity of the stones. Branding and retailing can be greatly increased with such an option.

Target the Retailers – of course don’t ignore the Students!

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