First Hand Check of Diamonds and Importance.

Diamonds have been used for centuries and older the diamond the better it is. With diamonds now becoming more accessible and affordable to identify real diamonds is also becoming increasingly necessary. Each diamond that is made into jewellery has its own history and craft that has been applied to it. This makes it increasingly difficult to identify the originality and uniqueness of the diamond that the buyer is willing to buy.

Also natural and manmade diamonds have a considerable amount of difference that may not be visible to the naked eye. Here is a short guide on how to check diamonds like a pro and make the best buy!

The first resort of how to identify the diamond is the jeweller who specialises in it. They would have the necessary experience and equipment that is needed to identify the true diamond. However, if you want to try it out as a person, here are some easy do- at- home tips that GemAtlas brings to you.

  1. Read through effect: Pick up the stone and place it on a written line of text. If you CANNOT read the text then it is surely a diamond but if you can read through, it is not anything better than glass. A perfectly round and loose diamond would be able to twist the text completely where as a fake diamond would work as plain glass.
  2. Breath test: Diamonds are made up of carbon and are perfect conductors of heat. This is why the moment breath is released is should disperse immediately. A fake diamond would stay foggier and misty for longer. Clean the stone you wish to test and bring it close to your mouth. Release breath on the stone and see what happens.
  3. Try a Diamond tester : The rate at which the stone disperses the heat determines the test. The quicker the stone disperses the heat, better the diamond it is. By detecting the rate at which heat is dispersed forms the test with an equipment. This test can work on most of the gemstones except Moissanite. This stone may also register as a diamond if not tested properly.
  4. Use magnification: It is extremely difficult to identify a real diamond and Moissanite. This is because both the stones can pass the stone heat test. A first hand diamond check can be made with magnification. Magnify the surface of the stone and check closely near the facet or the edge. If you see doubling, then it is not a diamond. But if the lines are clear and no doubling is seen, it is truly a valuable diamond.

Also, it is important to note that if it is a mounted diamond, it would not be so in cheap metal and would have gold or platinum to match the quality of the diamond. Secondly, you can also try the dot test to determine the originality of the diamond.

First Hand Check of Diamonds and Importance.

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